Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fire-- Six photos from Beirut

This is the first of three postings I'm doing all at once. To begin, scroll down to the post "Three Stories" and work your way up from there. I keep working on posts and then new things come up, so I get a major backlog. The two posts below this one really combine most of my stories and clear my backlog of things I want to write about.

This post is for photos since my blog has been light on photos so far. I have a bunch of others I've been trying to post of my weekend adventures, but technical difficulties are preventing me. Enjoy these for now.

Smoke rising up from burning tires in Martyr's Square in Central Beirut.

Tires on fire in Central Beirut.

Members of Hezbollah with a container of gasoline.

Bombed out buildings from the summer war with Israel in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

More rubble.

Rubble in the southern suburbs from the summer war with Israel.

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