Thursday, February 08, 2007

More photos

Top to Bottom: Wine barrels in the caves at Ksara winery; a warehouse in Il Marj that was bombed out in the summer war against Israel; me in front of a temple in Baalbek; all that remains of a different temple in Baalbek; a castle in Sidon.

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Ben Lamont said...

Hi Theo,

I've enjoyed what little I've read greatly and I'm in awe of the guts you have to travel to the Middle East. I am writing an article in the Circle Voice about your and Steve's adventures and was hoping you could respond to a few questions:

-What course of events took you from the circle at graduation to the Middle East in so short a time?
-What did your parents think of your trip?
-Any advice for students interested in traveling to the Middle East?
-How do you feel about the course offerings of the modern language department? (we still have just spanish and french)
-Why did you want to go to the Middle East?
-What do you plan on next when you return home?

I hope you have time for a short answer to a couple of these questions. That would be a big help, my deadline is fast approaching. Take care.

An aspiring journalist,
Ben Lamont